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Go First resumes operations after aviation regulator approves.

Go First resumes operations after aviation regulator approval. From July 4–6, 2023, DGCA conducted a special audit of Go First facilities in Mumbai and Delhi.

In NEW DELHI: Since the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the nation’s civil aviation regulator, has conditionally accepted the grounded carrier Go First’s restart plan that was submitted late last month, Go First may make aviation history by becoming the first airline to resume operations after a period of inactivity.
In order to begin operations, the regulator has established requirements include having interim financing available for operations and getting its flight schedule authorised. Go First’s proposal to resume operations with 15 aircraft and 114 daily flights has been given the DGCA’s approval.

The airline has been told by DGCA to make sure that it complies with all “applicable regulatory requirements, ensure the continued airworthiness of the aircraft engaged in operations, and subjecting every aircraft to a satisfactory handling flight prior to deployment for flight operations.” Additionally, it said that the sale of tickets could only start following the regulator’s approval of the flight schedule.

From July 4 to July 6, 2023, DGCA performed a special audit of Go First facilities in Mumbai and Delhi. The audit’s main areas of attention were safety-related issues, ongoing adherence by an operator to the requirements for holding an air operator certificate, and the physical verification of the preparations made for the resume of flying operations.

The DGCA noted that other writ petitions/applications by the Lessors of aircraft leased to Go First, which are pending in the High Court of Delhi and NCLT, Delhi, as well as the proceedings and/or outcomes in the ongoing Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process at NCLT, Delhi, shall also be subject to the flight operations.
Cash-strapped On May 3, Go First stopped operating flights, and it is now going through the insolvency resolution procedure.

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