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PM asks Class 12 students to utilise their time productively post exam cancellation

New Delhi, Jun 3 (UNI) In a surprise move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday joined a class 12 students virtual session organized by the Ministry of Education and asked the students to utilize their time productively post exam cancellation.
Class 12 students and their parents gathered for the virtual session organized by the Ministry of Education were in for a pleasant surprise when the Prime Minister joined the session in an impromptu move.
The session was organized by the Ministry of Education in view of the cancellation of the CBSE Class 12 board exams.
The Prime Minister started with ‘Hope I did not disturb your online meeting’ to the surprised student who broke into smiles seeing their Prime Minister amidst them. Going with the spirit of the moment Mr Modi noted the lifting of exam pressure and shared light moments with relieved students.
He put students at ease by sharing personal anecdotes. When a student from Panchkula talked of ongoing tension of exams for last so many days, the Prime Minister asked him about the sector of his residence and informed that he too stayed in the locality for a very long time.

Children opened up with the Prime Minister and shared their concerns and views freely. A student from Solan, Himachal Pradesh thanked the Prime Minister for cancelling the exams in the midst of the pandemic and hailed it as a good decision.

One of the students lamented that some people are not following the COVID protocols of wearing masks, maintaining social distance, etc. She also elaborated on the awareness activities organised by her in her locality. There was a clear relief among the student as they were worried about the danger of the pandemic, most of them thanked the Prime Minister for the decision of cancelling the exams.

Parents also took the decision very positively. In the spirit of the open and healthy discussion, the Prime Minister in an extempore gesture, called all the parents to join the interaction.

When the Prime Minister asked about the sudden vacuum after exams were cancelled a student replied “Sir, you have said that exams should be celebrated as a festival. So, there was no fear in my mind for examinations.” She, a student from Guwahati gave credit to the Prime Minister’s book ‘Exam Warriors’ which she was reading since class 10th. Students also mentioned Yoga as a big help in coping with the uncertain times.

The interaction was so spontaneous that the Prime Minister had to devise a way of organising it.

He asked all the students to write their identification number on a piece of paper so that he could call and coordinate the interaction. Enthusiastic students followed the system happily.

The Prime Minister had to direct the discussion away from the exam cancellation decision in order to expand the topics of the discussion.

Students and parents responded with wide ranging things from dance, youtube music channels, exercise and politics.

The Prime Minister asked them to research and write an essay on India’s 75 years of Independence specially with reference to their areas.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister lauded the students for their team spirit which was seen during the second wave of COVID-19, through their public participation and teamwork.

The Prime Minister asked the students whether they will watch the IPL, Champions League or wait for the Olympics or International Yoga Day to which a student replied that she has now got enough time to prepare for the entrance exam for the college admissions.

The Prime Minister asked the students to utilise their time productively post exam cancellation. The Government on Tuesday decided to cancel the CBSE Class 12th board exams for the year 2021 over the prevailing COVID-19 situation in the country and keeping the safety of students in mind.

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