Time for Unity in Calamity !

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     World is facing a huge Storm, an unprecedented Calamity ! Covid-19 virus had shaken the world in 2020, from an over-confidence generated slumber. The ‘intoxication’ of prosperity, scientific, technological development and claim to have Solution to each and Every Problem on the Earth, had generated a feeling that man is close to conquer nature, distances and unfathomable Secrets of Universe.

Alas, that was not true ! Just a small virus shook the humanity off that slumber. Men and women collapsing down to ground like a falling tree in front of our eyes, within seconds; the most advanced countries of the world gasping for breath. Doctors crossing their fingers, which concoction to prescribe and save lives. Just as the world was recovering from Covid-19 pandemic in the early January-February 2021, the monster virus came back with a more fierce speed and Vengeance. Most scientists and governments are aghast by its killer punch, unable to find a concoction or cure from this pandemic in its Second Avatar !

Dodge the Attack than Face the Enemy: An experienced General will follow the strategy of Retreat and Regroup, while facing a formidably strong enemy in a warfront. Such heroic victories by Shivaji against mighty Mughals in the 18th century India using gorilla warfare and even by Russians against charging Napoleon Armies are some anecdotes to cite. Even in our mythology, it is always advised not to Look into the eyes of Shanidev ! So dodging an incoming enemy and saving ourselves from its fury is one of the best options with us today !

Medical experts are advising us to use Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Appropriate Distance to escape from any possible attack by the killer Corona Virus. ‘That is the First Defense’. Even almost a dozen Vaccines developed world over are unable to guarantee a cure from Corona, they only assure developing anti-bodies and immunity. 

  All arms of Govt working unitedly to deal with COVID-19 situation: PM

Time for Unity in Calamity: In India, there is a  clamour to score a political point in these troubled times. Many immature politicians are in no mood to miss this opportunity to paste the Failure Tag on the Modi Government. Instead of protecting their fellow citizens, they are in glee and foresee this opportunity to see the back of PM Modi without delay. Some media channels and commentators are very eager to grab more TRP points than others. But all these experts fail to understand that this is not an opportunity to make merry on the multiplying figures of Corona infections, patients/relatives running helter-skelter for Oxygen, medicines, hospital beds and thousands of dead-bodies waiting for cremation !

It is time to be with your fellow citizens, provide them Oxygen cylinders, vital medicines and quarantine beds. Even the Supreme Court has observed, this is no time for Bickerings ! It is a warlike situation, when you need to save your space than finding faults with governance. Give the government and medical teams a helping hand. The millions of Doctors, Medical staff, and Frontline workers have done their excellent best  during the last 15 months to save every patient who reached their door. Each and every country in the World is facing this unprecedented pandemic and losing precious lives of their citizens.

Let us be United Today to see the Tomorrow! Only then we will be able to assess whether Lockdown in India was able to save more human lives than Europe and America? Was the migration of workers spontaneous or politically managed? Was Farmers’ agitation stage-managed by Punjab politicians a timed show? Was Indian pharma industry able to cope up with the challenge of developing vital vaccines for suffering countrymen? Were the Indian Railways, Airlines and  our Defence Forces able to stand up the challenge and be Civilians ?  Were the Central and State governments able to distribute Oxygen, Vaccines and medical facilities properly or not ? Tomorrow will give you and historians, enough time to Shoot your Targets !

And lastly, we will be getting an opportunity to analyze, whether Indian Democracy has matured in 74 years or need another 74 years to stand up and shout – We, the Largest Democracy of the World !!!

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