Corona Cries :Serious or Crocodile Tears !

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    The Second wave of Covid-19  has  gripped the country in its clasps in the last two months, that every medical  scientist is perplexed, how to  get  citizens out of its grasp.  It is beyond anybody’s  imagination, how  fast its mutations are  changing shapes and fatal character.  They  infections reported  now have grown  almost five-fold in numbers than it was in the months of January and February 2021.  The daily Death figures which had gone below 100 then have  multiplied 15 times to 1501 in the last 24 hours. Situation in 10 states including National capital Delhi, financial capital Mumbai, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra are getting bad to worse.

Although the Central Govt had been exhorting the hospitals, medical staff  to provide  immediate relief to the patients; vaccination, addition in  hospital beds,  ambulances and  procurement of preventive medicine has been  enhanced considerably.  Yet the Pandemic in its new Avatar has  out-beaten  the pace with which facilities are able to match up  shooting demand and updation.

The NDA govt. under PM Narendra Modi has ordered import of  Russian vaccine Sputnik V, which is likely to arrive in India by the end of this month,  there are  vivid signs of  confusion among the administrative

 machinery in the Centre and States !

Negligence on Implementation: Vivid signs of  confusion and  criminal  negligence are  visible in every field of the Administration, Society and  the  public at large. As the experience of last one year had shown limited success through rigid  lockdown,  implementation of  Covid protocol,  migration of  temporary rural labour and  relief measures offered by Centre and State Govts; there was urgent need  to mobilize all Govt resources to  arrest the spread of  Second phase of Corona  Wave.

Centre Vs State Cries should stop immediately.

The Central Govt. needs to take control of the entire relief and treatment procedures, distribution of medicines, Vaccines, Ambulances and monitor availability of Hospital Beds. States and opposition parties should play their active and constructive role in meeting the upcoming  grave  scenario.                                      No Crocodile Tears Please !

All Election schedules, Religious gatherings,  social  get-togethers  and  non-essential transportations should be stopped.  The Centre needs to  call all major political parties  and decide a detailed  working plan. Implement all decisions  with the help of experts, medical professionals and  influential independent  leaders. No more agitations until the last  Corona patient has recovered and reaches his home safely. So that country’s economy is also brought on track.

All essential  business, industrial activities be  conducted under  Covid-19 Protocol and monitored  strictly, so that there is no  sabotage or willful  aberrations to the law.

All regional, political and  social issues be  put aside  and ensure every citizen does his  best to  combat this deadly  Pandemic !

A country of 135  crore should  stand  solidly to  beat the Fierce Virus !



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