Nanda Yadav to star in a new movie called It’s Abuse Only!.

Mumbai : Nanda Yadav is acing it off late. She would now be seen in the movie called It’s Abuse Only!. A few stills have been leaked and Nanda Yadav looks extremely intriguing in the scene. The film has been produced by Michael Grobe who promises to bring the indian story telling to global canvas. The production banner is Nayamigro Fashion Media and it’s their first production to roll out. The writer and director of the movie Rochak Sahu was an Alumni of FTII .The genre of the film is Noir and dark, and it looked so from the leaked images too. The film talks about a journey when destiny brings two people together only to realise they have travelled the same path with same pain.will they realise they are suffering from their own sickness or they will continue with the idea of giving what people deserve.

We spoke to nanda and here is what she has got to say, “It’s been a fantastic team. The vibe is great. The team is working very hard behind this film and the results will be there for everyone to see. It’s a very intriguing subject and I think it would keep the audience hooked from the first frame. It’s not a lengthy movie as we thought to keep it precise and it let the plot suffer. I am very proud to have worked in this movie and I literally can’t wait for the audience” reaction to the film.”

Nanda Yadav has recently also launched her YouTube channel. She is a thoughtful actress and a star in the making. We wish her all the luck and waiting to see the trailer of the movie .

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