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Himachal floods: 11 family members missing since July 10.

The eleven members of a family who were reported missing on July 10 have not been found due to the flooding in Himachal Pradesh. On July 10, all 11 members of the family were reported missing when the bus in which they were travelling was reported missing during the floods in Himachal Pradesh.

LUCKNOW: More than a fortnight has passed, but there is still little sign of the 11 family members who left Pithla village in the Milkipur police station area of Ayodhya on July 10 for Manali in Himachal Pradesh, the flood- and rain-ravaged state.

They were in contact with family members in Ayodhya, according to the family, before boarding a bus from Chandigarh to Manali on the evening of July 9.

Later, the family learned that the bus from Chandigarh to Manali was parked on the side of the road because a section of the road had been washed away by floodwater. When the water level dropped on July 13, the bus was found after going missing.

Relatives claim that the family used to be involved in the clothing business. Every two months, two members would travel to all of the tourist hotspots to sell the items they had bought in the markets of Delhi and Lucknow. This year, considering that it was summer, 11 family members went on a vacation to Manali. The only option left for the family’s remaining members in Ayodhya is to wait for a call from their loved ones.

According to Saryu Prasad, a villager, “any mobile call from an unknown number rekindles a hope in the family of Abdul Majid.” Abdul Majeed (62), Nazima (60), Bashar (42), Parveen (40), Ishtihar (21), Omaisa Shabana (19), Kareena (18), Waris Ali (10), Mausam (6), Alvira (4), and Ejaz Ahmed (30) are among those who have vanished in the mountainous state.

The villagers claim that Abdul Majid’s daughter, her husband, son, and daughter-in-law all reside in Manali. According to Saryu Prasad, “They are all looking for the family, but to no avail thus far.

Some of Majid’s relatives contend that the Himachal police provided no assistance. “No one is present to hear the woes. The Majid family members were not shown the bodies that were pulled from the submerged bus. According to Mohammad Sahir of Pithla village, the state authorities prevented even his relatives from travelling there under the guise of bad weather and flooding.

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