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Intense battle in Myanmar town prevents 1,500 Hindus

20 Rakhines from moving to safer zones

20 Rakhines from moving to safer zones

MyanmarNew Delhi: The situation in Myanmar’s Buthidaung town, a region in the Rakhine state, remains precarious as residents from the Hindu and Rakhine communities have been trapped amidst escalating conflict between the military and the rebel group, the Arakan Army.

The situation has worsened due to a burgeoning communal divide, fuelled by allegations of the military’s training and conscription of Rohingyas, compelling their participation in combat. There have been increasing instances of people’s houses being gutted based on their ethnic beliefs.

“The battles are intensifying on the ground in Buthidaung. Over 1,500 Hindus and 20 Rakhines are being prevented from leaving as the situation is unsafe there. Rohingyas are being trained as conscripts and they are being made to target people based on their religion and ethnicity,” a source tells.

A curfew has been imposed in Buthidaung and Maungdaw areas of Rakhine state from 7 pm to 6 am. The Arakan Army claims to have taken control over a 16-mile-long road around these areas to make it safe for the civilian population.

However, fighting has intensified around the Thahtay hydropower project in Thandwe town, in the westernmost part of Myanmar.

Reports indicate that medicine shops are being seized and imports of critical medications are being prohibited. Pharmacy owners in Thandwe express dismay, questioning how restricting access to medicines for patients would benefit the military.

“Due to intensified checking, even food packets are not being delivered, and residents are now fearing an existential crisis,” said a source.

Meanwhile, two Rohingya youths, reportedly plucked from refugee camps in Bangladesh for military training under Myanmar’s junta, were apprehended after fleeing the training grounds.

Numerous reports have emerged indicating the Myanmar Junta’s role in recruiting young Rohingya boys from refugee camps in Bangladesh for military training as part of efforts to combat rebels in the ongoing civil war.

The arrested youth have been identified as Kefayet Ullah (19) from Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s bazaar and Anwar Mostafa (18) from Bhasan Char refugee camp in Noakhali district.

According to reports, the youths were undergoing training in rifle usage to confront rebel groups.

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