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US weather: At least 15 dead due to winter storms

Over 1800 domestic flights cancelled, delayed or diverted

 Washington: At least 15 people have died across the United States due to a winter storm that brought extreme cold, wind and snow on Christmas Eve morning, CNN reported on Saturday.
Four people died in car accidents caused by the storm in Ohio, three people died in each of Kansas and Kentucky, and one in each of Wisconsin, Tennessee and Missouri due to extreme weather conditions. Another two died in New York as ambulance cars could not reach their homes, according to the report.
The storm damaged power lines and left over 1.7 million US households and businesses without power, the broadcaster said, citing the PowerOutage service.
On Saturday, over 1,800 flights were canceled across the entire US, with an especially difficult situation reported in airports in Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver.
According to CNN, the storm is likely to continue in the East and Midwest regions of the country through Sunday.

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