Now 7.0 mag. earthquake recorded 217 miles from Tonga’s capital

Nuku’alofa: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake occurred on Saturday morning near Tonga in the Pacific Ocean, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).
The earthquake was recorded at 07:09 GMT. The epicenter of the tremors was located 349 kilometers (217 miles) from the kingdom’s capital, the city of Nukualofa, while the quake’s source was registered at a depth of 588 kilometers.
No tsunami threat was declared.
It comes a day after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of the Tonga Islands, with the epicenter located 220 kilometers northwest of the city of Neiafu. A tsunami wave of less than 1 foot was recorded. (UNI)

(map credits-World Atlas)

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