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Boeing’s ‘Dreamlifter’ drops wheel after take-off in Rome

Rome: A Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter aircraft lost one of its wheels soon after take-off from Taranto in Italy.
A clip of the mishap, which was snapped on Tuesday close to the airstrip in Taranto, shows the part flying through the air in a blaze before disappearing from the shot, the Sun reported.
Black smoke can be seen coming from the undercarriage of the aircraft as the wheel comes loose. It then hit the ground and bouncing along below the plane.
The missing part was reportedly found outside the confines of the airport, some way from where it fell off.
Amazingly, the jet carried on its take-off without any visible effects. The plane — a super-sized cargo version of a Jumbo Jet — landed safely at its destination in North Carolina in the US. (UNI)

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