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Setting New Standards of Governance in Modern India

Our ancient Rajniti Shastra Guru, Acharya Chankya  had long  pronounced his  basic treatise for good  governance,  in his oft-repeated quote– ‘A Raja should rule his Praja efficiently and successfully by applying the Four  tools :Saam, Daam, Dand and  Bhed’. Acharya Chankya who molded  a commoner Chandragupta Maurya into a most successful King of Magadh in 4th Century BC, had laid out  full roadmap of  Governance: Defeating enemies to capture power, Power Struggle within a kingdom, Defining duties of a king viz-a- viz his Praja and plethora of such situations, a King faces during his rule.

Narendra Modi led BJP  government in the center is using these tools of governance  with perfect efficiency and precision despite several periods of providential crises like Corona pandemic and fast changing international  situations across borders.

The earlier  BJP led coalition governments under Atal Behari Vajpayee often had to struggle for majority, thereby lacking any skill or opportunity to implement its basic cultural agenda and  oft pronounced  policy  priorities verses  Centrist  Congress led governments over last  70 years.

Though Vajpayee ji’s two tenures were stories of struggle for survival, he showed his superb courage in  exploding an Atom Bomb in Pokharan in May 1998 with  reactions from international community. He also  propounded some other bold initiatives of change, his government fell to Congress-led opposition intrigues soon after.

The NDA Government under PM Narendra Modi is setting new standards of promise, performance and  pace of delivery in modern India. First term of  Modi led  government  saw bold  financial step of Demonetization in 2016 to plug inlets of Black money and corruption, Abolition of Triple Talaq,  laying out modern Highways across the country and  upgrading India’s defence  capabilities to prepare for  settling long pending  boundary disputes  with China and Pakistan.

Agenda roll over : Though  the NDA government has many tasks to perform, it has been implementing its long pronounced agendas silently  and  confidently. Amicable settlement of Ram Janmbhoomi  and construction of  Ram Mandir   after Supreme Court verdict, Removal of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir  on August 05, 2019,  Reorganization of J&K and Ladakh,  are few  of the boldest decisions undertaken by  Modi government.

Economic Policy Direction & Deliverance: Passage of GST bill  and  its  financial management during 2 year long Corona pandemic, providing all facilities like subsidized food, medicine while keeping GDP within manageable limits, has proved its  financial management skills and  capabilities.  It  faced international pharma industry’s lobbing for procurement of costly vaccines for Covid-19, yet  Modi government motivated domestic  pharma industry to rise up to  the challenge and saved hard earned forex.  In diplomatic circles Modi has handled quite efficiently the Afghan situation post US withdrawal in August 2021, though  it is still  a bit docile and unpredictable scenario,

Saam, Daam and Dand: Modi government has used these three tools of governance with China and Pakistan quite efficiently.  India used the 2014-19 period in  convincing Chinese leadership to talk over and settle all pending  border issues; two-way trade was boosted with huge  advantage to China, yet China continued its anti-India activities on northern and western borders as well as  enticing our small neighboring countries like Pakistan, Maldives,  Sri Lanka and others.

With Pakistan continuing its provocative activities in Kashmir, Modi Government had to use Dand by conducting a surgical strike in Balakot. It had some temporary impact, yet Pakistan kept gathering support from it Islamic friends like Turkey, Malaysia and others.

Promises & Deliverance: The Government has set standards in deliverance of various projects. Completion of Defence Office complex in Central Vista ahead of schedule, completion of various  Highway projects like Purvanchal Expressway, Yamuna Expressway extension and several other initiatives with economic and technological  upgradations have shown NDA government’s priorities and performance. This has not only saved  the country from cost escalation in big govt. projects,  it helps  imbibe a new approach on deliverance !


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