Niagara falls illuminated in Honor of Russia Day & Hockey League playoff !

Niagra Parks spokesman reiterated despite negative media reports

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Washington, Jun 16 (Sputnik) The world-famous Niagara Falls were illuminated in red, white and blue to celebrate Russia’s national holiday and Canada’s remaining hockey team competing in the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs, Niagara Parks told Sputnik.
On Monday, the Canadian outlet Globe and Mail published an article in which it alleged that the Russian Consulate in Toronto misrepresented a light show intended to celebrate the Montreal Canadiens on its Twitter page, passing it off as a tribute to Russia’s national holiday.
“Unfortunately, the coincidence in proximity of the Falls illuminations for the Montreal Canadiens and Day of Russian Federation caused some confusion. The Falls were illuminated on June 12 for the Day of Russian Federation and July 13 for the Montreal Canadiens. Both illuminations were red, white and blue,” Chris Giles, acting manager, communications and stakeholder relations of Niagara Parks said in a statement.
The Globe and Mail’s report has sparked a debate online with the Russian Consulate being subjected to abuse by passionate hockey fans and elements known for their Russophobia.
The Globe and Mail has since issued a correction to the article, telling Sputnik that the outlet was given “incorrect information by the Niagara Falls authorities.”
Sputnik has reached out to the Russian Consulate in Toronto for comment.
Russia Day is one of the country’s youngest and most important holidays. It is celebrated since 1992 to commemorate the events of June 12, 1990, when the First Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic (RSFSR) adopted a declaration of RSFSR’s state sovereignty.

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