Cuba Demands Colombia Disclose Grounds for Expulsion of Diplomat

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MEXICO CITY, May 7 (Sputnik) – The Cuban Foreign Ministry summoned the Colombian Ambassador to express protest against the declaration of the Cuban embassy secretary in Bogota persona non grata and demand an explanation.
“Today we summon the Ambassador of Colombia to express our strong protest against yesterday’s decision by his Foreign Ministry to declare the first secretary of our embassy in Bogota, Omar Rafael Garcia Lazo, persona non grata,” Cuban senior diplomat Eugenio Martinez Enriquez tweeted.
On behalf of the ministry, he also condemned Colombia’s actions as unreasonable, unfriendly and hindering the work of the embassy.
“We affirm that Cuban diplomats seriously and strictly observe their obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. We demand the disclosure of the alleged reasons for this unusual decision,” Martinez said.
The Colombian Foreign Ministry declared the Cuban diplomat persona non grata “for activities incompatible with the provisions of the Vienna Convention.”

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