IBM Hybrid Cloud to help Parle Products drive growth

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New Delhi: IBM on Thursday said that FMCG company Parle Products will leverage its transformative hybrid cloud and AI capabilities to drive growth.
Parle will migrate SAP workloads to IBM Cloud to gain flexibility and scale to help meet increasing consumer needs and IBM to work with Parle to design and manage AI-based supply chain based on its consulting and capabilities.
“By working with IBM to accelerate our journey to the cloud and strengthen our security posture, we will work to uncover new ways to reduce time-to-market and streamline operations – a significant milestone for us,” said Ajay Chauhan, Executive Director, Parle Products.
Through streamlining operations and achieving greater scalability to meet changing demands, Parle expects to witness business growth in India and beyond.
“IBM’s collaboration with Parle has brought in decades of industry and technology expertise to help realise their vision of ensuring the right products are made available in the market at the right time,” said Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India.
“By leveraging the technologies like hybrid cloud and AI, underpinned by security, Parle will be well equipped to meet growing consumer demands, while security is at the forefront of their digital innovations,” he added.
IBM has a long-standing relationship with Parle, implementing and managing mission-critical ERP and other workloads.


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