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India replaces military personnel in Maldives with technical staff

Visiting foreign minister of Maldives Moosa Zameer and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar held a meeting in Delhi on Thursday to review all dimensions of bilateral ties.

Screenshot 2024 05 10 090732NEW DELHI: India will be reviewing all dimensions of its relationship with Maldives. This was discussed during the bilateral meeting between visiting foreign minister of Maldives Moosa Zameer and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Delhi on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the last batch of Indian military personnel have returned home from Maldives, ahead of the deadline (May 10). They have been replaced by technical staff from India. These Indians are deployed with two Dornier aircraft and one helicopter used for medvac and relief services in Maldives.

“We will be reviewing the various dimensions of our ties. It is in our common interest that we reach an understanding on how best we take our relationship forward,” said Jaishankar.

As close and proximate neighbours, the development of India’s ties with Maldives is based on mutual interests and reciprocal sensitivity, Jaishankar said.

Zameer is on his first official visit to India since the new government was formed in Maldives.

“We exchanged perspectives on increasing engagement and exchanges between Maldives and India, both bilaterally and in the international arena,” said Zameer.

Meanwhile, India highlighted its efforts to support Maldives. “India has been a key provider of development assistance to Maldives. Our projects have benefited the lives of people of your country; contributed directly to the quality of life. They range from infrastructure projects and social initiatives to medical evacuation and health facilities. We have also extended financial support on favourable terms in the past,” Jaishankar said.

India has been a first responder on numerous occasions for Maldives. India’s cooperation has also enhanced the security and well-being of Maldives through shared activities, equipment provisioning, capacity building and training.

“The world is today passing through a volatile and uncertain period. In such times, as we saw during Covid, during natural disasters and economic difficulties, close partnerships with neighbours are of great value,” Jaishankar added.

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