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The Sukhu government’s policies are anti-development: Jai Ram Thakur

Jai Ram Thakur
Jai Ram Thakur
Solan: Opposition Leader Jai Ram Thakur declared today that the Congress was going through its darkest period, with leaders either deciding not to run for office in the Lok Sabha or switching to safer seats out of concern for losing in the polls. He was speaking today at the Parwanoo and Solan Panna Pramukh gathering of party functionaries.

Taking a jab at the Congress, he remarked, “The Congress is in this situation because it has never participated in development politics or advanced the public interest. Rather of prioritizing the public interest, it encouraged corruption, partiality, and the interests of oneself and loved ones.

The majority does not exist in the Congress government. The Speaker removed 15 BJP MLAs in order to preserve the government. This government will not endure long, he said, having survived by behaving contrary to democratic principles.

Attacking the Chief Minister, Thakur claimed the state was being administered by an administration that was against progress. “Thousands of governmental institutions were shut down by the Congress. The women were humiliated instead of receiving the fulfillment of the promises made to them. As soon as they established the government, they eliminated 11,000 jobs.”

He went on to describe his government’s actions, saying, “We waived water and electricity bills and cut the fare for women in half.” We provided Sahara program and free treatment of Rs 5 lakh from Himcare. After seizing power, the Sukhu regime put an end to everything.

He went on to discuss the central measures, stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a goal of developing India. “India will soon be able to proudly stand among the developed nations of the world, given the rapid pace of progress being made throughout the nation.” Modi began his service to the nation shortly after assuming office. He is designed exclusively to serve. By constructing more than 12 crore toilets in India, he joined the Swachh Bharat Mission and helped the nation overcome a significant issue. Those in attendance on the event included former Kasauli MLA Rajiv Saizal and Shimla BJP MP Suresh Kashyap.

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