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Harsimrat Kaur Badal starts campaign in Lambi

Harsimrat Kaur BadalLambi: Three-time Bathinda MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal, who is running for the Lok Sabha seat from Bathinda for the fourth time in a row, began her campaign for the office today in Lambi’s Badal village, the home of her late father-in-law Parkash Singh Badal. She spoke shakily and had tears in her eyes.

Throughout her address, Harsimrat repeatedly broke down in tears and declared that this was the first time she had run for office without “bapu Badal’s” approval. On April 25 of last year, the former CM had passed away following a protracted illness.

Harsimrat touched a sensitive nerve with the audience when she added, “I was always reassured by Badal sahib that there was no need to be concerned about Lambi. He used to call all of you and take tours of the area even when his health wasn’t the best. I don’t think I’m missing her that much; I think Punjab is missing him. He knew each and every one of you personally. As a “darvesh siyastdan” (holy politician), he never used harsh language to criticize his rivals. On the other hand, his opponents were able to establish their government by disparaging him falsely. In everyone of you, I see him. My constant goal is to behave like him.

“The other candidates who are now vying for your support are turncoats and they are not faithful to one party or one constituency,” she continued. This time, you have to give them a lesson.

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