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Photo of the Day: Zaira Nizaam post evokes positive responses!

A Kashmir Social activist, Zaira posted on platform, on Dr. BR Ambedkar anniversary, recently

Srinagar (J&K): The social activist of Jammu and Kashmir province recently posted a Golden message and a photo on

She says: Reservation  Can Get you Seats, Not Education !  The message is a clear for the Indian Voters  and politicians persuing the ongoing Lok Sabha  elections in India.  Zaira3

Zaira Nizaam, who describes herself as a ‘Proud Bhartiya’  Nation First Kadhmiri IITian Fueling Progress and Vision of Stronger Bharat gets many reactions from her followers on the platform

A follower Sandy says: “If reservation people are prosperous now, then why their children are asking for reservation ??  Ab toe voh pichhde nahi hain………”  asking pro-reservations lobby, why this continues from generation to generastion, in the family and chain doesn’t  stop ?

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    Nice positive statement
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