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AAP takes control of MCD’s highest decision-making body

A special session of the House was called to discuss the vesting powers of the standing committee of the MCD

Screenshot 2024 01 16 114341NEW DELHI: Amid chaos, AAP in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi managed to pass a move on Monday, taking control over the highest decision-making body of the civic corporation — the standing committee.

In a special session of the House called to discuss vesting powers of the standing committee in the House till the time the panel is formed and de-sealing of shops in city markets, Mayor Shelly Oberoi cleared the measure with support from AAP councilors.

However, its legality is being questioned as the move was passed without a discussion and in the absence of the commissioner and municipal secretary.

Meanwhile, the reconstitution of the 18-member standing committee has been pending for 10 months.

A high drama unfolded in the special session which was called in the day. The chaotic scenes started when Mayor Shelly Oberoi entered the House to move the proposal. The BJP councilors resorted to sloganeering.

The Opposition members climbed the Mayor’s desk, tore down the proposals and threw the pieces in the air.

The BJP members did not allow the Mayor to sit and snatched her chair. Meanwhile, the Municipal secretary was held hostage by the opposition members to impede the House’s proceedings. By evening, police had to deploy additional security forces.

Opposition leader Raja Iqbal Singh slammed the ruling AAP, saying vesting the powers of the standing committee in the House would be invalid and unconstitutional.

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