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Today’s Motto:  ‘Raising of one’s voice is no substitute for improving one’s argument’

As every Day makes a new beginning in life, it brings new opportunities, opens new avenues, to perform and make a mark, to write a Page in History Book!

This is Your Day-TODAY: Take a Determined Step Forward and Make History!

On this day, Aug .02…….

1695 – A British patent was granted to Daniel Quare for a portable weather-glass column (barometer).

1791 – Samuel Briggs and his son, Samuel Briggs, Jr. became the first father-son pair to receive a joint U.S. patent. Their invention was a nail-making machine.

1819 – 1st parachute jump in U.S.

1841 – The word—dinosaur (“terrible lizard”) was used for first time by Richard Owen while addressing the Annual Meeting of the British Association in Plymouth, England.

1858 – Government of India transferred from East India Company to Crown. After this the Supreme British commander came to be called Viceroy.

1870 – Tower Subway, the first tube railway in the world, was opened under the River Thames in London. It was not successful due to low use and frequent breakdowns, and the railway closed within three months (Nov 1870). The tunnel was converted to a foot tunnel with stairs. It was closed in 1894 when the opening of the nearby Tower Bridge made it redundant. The tunnel now holds water mains and fibre optic cables.

1875 – World 1st roller skating rink opens in London.

1880 – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was adopted officially by Parliament. Greenwich had been the national centre for time since 1675. GMT was originally set-up to aid naval navigation, but was not was used on land until transportation improved.

1892 – George A. Wheeler, of New York City, patented ideas for the first practical moving staircase, though it was never built. Some of its features were incorporated in the prototype built by the Otis Elevator Company in 1899.

1934 – Hitler becomes dictator of Germany

1935 – The British pass Govt. of India Act, separating Burma, Aden from India.

1938 – The first nylon-bristle toothbrush in the U.S. was described in a New York Times business report. Dr. West’s Miracle-Tuft toothbrush, a new product, used synthetic DuPont nylon bristles instead of natural hog bristles. It had four guarantees: “No bristle shedding, 100 per cent waterproofed, longer life, greater cleansing power”.

1965 – The trimline telephone was made by Bell Telephone. The dial and a hang-up button were no longer on a remote base, but instead integrated into the handpiece, midway between the microphone and speaker.

1970 – Smt. Chonira Beliappa Muthamma, India’s first woman ambassador, was deputed at Hungary.

1984 – Bomb attack on Madras airport, 32 killed.

1987 – Vishwanathan Anand becomes the first Asian to win the World Junior Chess championship.

1987 – Geet Sethi retains the World Amateur Billiards title.

1993 – CEC Seshan postpones all elections including by-elections to December in protest against the government’s attempt to subjugate the Commission.

2000 – The Lok Sabha performs a ”hat-trick” by setting off the process for the creation of three new states by passing the Jharkhand Bill.

2017 – First successful gene editing in human embryos to repair disease-causing mutation reported by scientists in “Nature”.

2017 – More than a billion people around the world need glasses and 36 million are blind, according to new study published in “The Lancet”.

2018 – Apple becomes the first American public listed company to reach $1 trillion in value.

2019 – Saudi Arabia announces new rules for women including allowing them to travel independently abroad without a male guardian’s permission.


1922 – Gangaprasad Birla, great industrialist.


1922 – Graham Bell, Scottish-American inventor of the telephone.

You may have known….

The Beatles’ first band name was The Quarrymen. They also briefly changed their name to Johnny and the Moondogs.


{Compiled by Lt. Gen. (R)  Raj Kadyan}

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