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On this day, May.26………

1739 – Afghanistan was separated from the Indian empire as a result of a treaty signed between Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah and Nadir Shah.

1993 – The Centre decides to implement the Mandal Commission recommendation to provide 27% reservation for the socially and educationally backward classes in the Central Services from 15th June.

1999 – India blasts its way into the global satellite launch vehicle market with the PSLV-C2 deploying two foreign satellites besides the Indian remote sensing satellite, IRS-P4.

2009 – North Korea allegedly tests its second nuclear device. Following the nuclear test, Pyongyang also conducted several missile tests building tensions in the international community.

2014 – The Nigerian government announces that it has located the 270-plus girls abducted by terrorist group Boko Haram, but it cannot rescue the girls yet due to fears that the abductors will kil

l them if the military attempts a direct confrontation.

2014 – Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India (credit- Newsmobile)                                                                                                               (Akhand Bharat @ 900 AD; map credit-Pinterest)

2015 – Hackers steal personal data for about 100,000 taxpayers after breaking into a U.S. Internal Revenue Service system that allows taxpayers to retrieve previous tax returns; the data can be used to file tax refund claims and commit identity theft.

2019 – Nine climbers die in a week on Mt Everest after overcrowding leads to a huge queue to reach the summit.

2022 – A Hindi novel “Tomb of Sand”, written by Geetanjali Shree and translated by Daisy Rockwell, wins the International Booker Prize for the first time.

Born…. 1899 – Nazrul Islam, revolutionary and Bengali poet.

1907 – Mahadevi Varma, writer.

1954 – Murali, actor, producer, and politician.


1908 – Mirzā Ghulām Ahmad. Was an Indian religious leader and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. He was born in Qadian near Gurdaspur and his followers are also known as Qadianees. (As of 2016 the Community has been established in 209 countries and territories of the world with concentrations in South Asia, West Africa, East Africa and Indonesia. Estimated population: Ahmadiyyas give a figure of “tens of millions”, however, most independent sources variously estimate the population to be at least 10 to 20 million worldwide, thereby representing around 1% of the world’s Muslim population).

You may have known….

Despite being the largest animal on earth the blue whale cannot swallow anything bigger than a beach ball.

{Compiled by Lt. Gen. (R) Raj Kadyan)

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