US imposes more visa restrictions on Chinese officials

China issues denials

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Washington, Dec 21 (Sputnik) The United States has imposed new visa restrictions on Chinese officials suspected of being involved in the repression of a wide array of people, including political dissidents, ethnic minorities and religious figures, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday.
“Today, I am announcing the imposition of additional restrictions under Section 212(a)(3)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act on the issuance of visas for Chinese officials who are believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, policies or actions aimed at repressing religious and spiritual practitioners, members of ethnic minority groups, dissidents, human rights defenders, journalists, labor organizers, civil society organizers, and peaceful protesters,” Pompeo said.
Family members of officials engaged in such practices may also be subject to the additional restrictions, Pompeo added without specifying the new measures.
Pompeo said the undertaken measure demonstrates the US government’s resolve to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for their increasing repression against the Chinese people.
“Today’s action creates additional restrictions applicable to all CCP officials engaged in such repressive activities, no matter their location,” he said.
Pompeo had  noted earlier this year the United States imposed visa restrictions and financial sanctions on Chinese officials involved in the abuses in Xinjiang, restrictions on access to Tibet and the destruction of Hong Kong’s promised autonomy.”  China has repeatedly denied the accusations.

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