UN human right experts call for inclusion of migrants in COVID-19 recovery plans

New York [US], December 18  : Governments across the world should include all migrants and their families in national COVID-19 response and recovery plans, a group of human rights experts from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement.
“On this day where we pay tribute to all migrants, in a context of a continuing global health crisis that also has a severe impact on the governance of migratory movements, we must remind states to treat all migrants with dignity and provide them with equal access to services, benefits, information, and assistance,” the experts said on Thursday.
The experts emphasized that states should consider migrants, regardless of their legal status, positive assets contributing to economies and diversity in host communities.
States should also fully integrate migrants into national plans to reach a better and more inclusive recovery from the crisis and protect them from exploitation, the experts said.
When vaccines become available, states should provide equal provision on a voluntary basis and lift restrictions on mobility and migration.

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