BJP state leaders offer to clear doubts of farmers

State MP, Dr. Bharati Pawar placates agitating state farmers

ashik, Dec 14 (UNI) The government has shown readiness to resolve the doubts of the agitating farmers’ organizations in New Delhi. But the leaders of these organizations are not ready to give up.

The leaders of these organizations only want to get the Modi government in trouble. BJP state vice-president MP Dr Bharti Pawar alleged that some forces were trying to create chaos within the
Bharati Pawar was speaking at a press conference held by BJP at Vasant Smriti in the city today. She said the Center has been holding discussions with agitating farmers in Punjab for several days.
Suddenly these organizations came to Delhi and announced their decision to agitate. Even after coming to Delhi, the government often sent discussion proposals to the leaders of these organizations.
In the actual discussion, it has also shown readiness to make necessary changes in the law to remove the doubts in the minds of the leaders of the organizations. Proposals have also been sent to the leaders of these organizations. But the leaders of the agitating organizations are not ready to give up.

She further said it was now becoming clear that the leaders of these organizations only wanted to do politics on the pretext of agricultural law. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly made it clear that the purchase of foodgrains from the central government at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) will continue.
The central government has also shown readiness to give a written assurance during the discussion.
The existing system of market committees will also be maintained. Farmers will have another option to sell their produce along with market committees. The farmer can sell his produce anywhere he likes.
Also, misconceptions about contract farming have been removed by the central government. In such a situation, the leaders of the organizations are adamant on the demand to repeal the laws. It is now clear that these leaders want to achieve political ends by opposing the law.
MP Pawar said that the benefits of this agricultural law are beginning to be felt by ordinary farmers as well. Therefore, ordinary farmers will not fall prey to the propaganda against this law.

At this time Metropolitan President Girish Palve, District President Keda Aher, Malegaon District President Suresh Nana Nikam, Jagan Anna Patil, Pradesh Kisan Morcha Vice President Bindusheth Sharma, Pradesh Kisan Morcha Secretary Bapu Patil, Kisan Morcha Pradesh Chitnis Sandhya Todkar, Avinash Patil, Kisan Morcha District President Pankaj Shewale was also present.

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