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SC rejects plea seeking opening of some rooms of Taj Mahal

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a petition filed by Dr Rajneesh Singh, who claimed to be the media in-charge of BJP’s Ayodhya unit, seeking opening of certain rooms of the Taj Mahal to put to rest the “alleged history” of the historic monument including claims that it was a Shiva temple, Tejo Mahalaya.
The petition filed by Dr Singh, who claimed to be the media in-charge of the Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Ayodhya unit, sought a direction to the government to constitute a fact-finding committee and to “look for important historical evidence” like idols and inscriptions that are believed to be hidden inside the Taj Mahal on the orders of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.
Dr Singh had earlier filed the plea before the Allahabad High Court, but it dismissed it, forcing him to approach the Supreme Court for relief.
A bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice MR Shah and also comprising Justice MM Sundresh said that the plea, an appeal against an order of the Allahabad High Court, was a ‘publicity interest litigation’ and dismissed the petition.
“The High Court was not in error in dismissing the petition, which is more of a publicity interest litigation. Dismissed,” the apex court ordered.
The petitioner had argued before the Allahabad High Court that many Hindu groups have been claiming that the Taj Mahal is an old Shiva Temple which was known as Tejo Mahalaya, a theory that was supported by many historians as well.
Dr Singh stated that there are 22 rooms situated in the upper and lower portion of the four-storied building of the Taj Mahal that are permanently locked and historians like PN Oak and many Hindu worshippers believe that a Shiva temple lies in those rooms. (UNI)

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