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Condition of HP policemen is pathetic: Abhishek Rana

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Hamirpur (HP), Nov 11(UNI) HP Congress party social media department chairman, Abhishek Rana on Thursday said that the condition of police personnel in the state is pathetic and alleged that the state government is not doing anything to change it.

In a statement today, Rana said that the hopes of thousands of police constables of getting revised pay scale after 8 years of regular service has been shattered. Police constables will still have to render regular services for another 8 years, only after that, they will get the revised pay scale.

He said that during the pandemic period, it was the police personals who served the public day and night. “Leaving their family at the mercy of God, they stood on the streets rendering their duties day and night. However they were not given any benefit of the Corona crisis”.

He said that there were many departments of the state government, on which the government was merciful, but the police department was deprived of the kindness of the government. “The state government will have to make it clear in the assembly what work it is doing to provide relief to the police personnel. The government should reconsider the decision to get the revised pay scale after 8 years and give justice for the police personnel”, he added.

Expressing irony for the police personnel, Abhishek Rana said,” There are well-educated youth in our police department. And with this, there are so many employees full of talent who do not get pay scale according to their hard work. In today’s era, it has become difficult for police personnel to run the house. Even after doing day and night duty, the policemen of the state are deprived of the services they get according to their qualifications”.
He alleged that not only this but the government has thrown the police personnel of the state in the womb of injustice, where they cannot even raise their voice for their demands. “That is why it is our request to the government that attention should be paid to the interest of the policemen and some positive result should be worked out by discussing the matter of providing relief to them in the assembly”.


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