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Putin self-isolates after Covid-scare; feeling perfectly healthy : Kremlin

President Putin has already taken 2 shots of Sputnik V vax

Moscow, Sep 15 (UNI/SPUTNIK) Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is currently self-isolating because of COVID-19 cases detected among his acquaintances, is feeling good, he is perfectly healthy, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.
“He feels great, he is absolutely healthy and he continues to work. I will tell you that both Putin and Sputnik V are working as usual. The effectiveness of Sputnik V was proven, it is very high. The effectiveness of President Putin is even higher,” Peskov told reporters.
“This [self-isolation] does not lead to the narrowing of his circle of contacts and to slowing down the pace of his work. In fact, it does not change anything,” the Kremlin spokesman added.
“Necessary tests are being conducted. Specialists and doctors do everything that should be done in this situation,” Peskov continued.
Peskov is unaware about a decision on Putin’s revaccination. Asked if the president was considering receiving a booster shot, Kremlin spokesman assured that the president still has a high titer of antibodies.

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