One dose of Sputnik V reduces mortality rate in people aged over 60 by 70-80 pc

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Buenos Aires, Jun 26 (Sputnik) Even one dose of the Sputnik V or AstraZeneca vaccines against the coronavirus reduces the mortality rate in people aged over 60 years by 70-80 percent, a study the Argentine Ministry of Health said.
“The preliminary results of the study, which is being conducted by the Ministry of Health to assess the efficiency of various vaccines used in Argentina among patients aged 60 years and more, show that the use of only one dose of Sputnik V or AstraZeneca reduces the mortality from the coronavirus by 70-80 percent,” the ministry said on late Friday.
Two doses of these vaccines reduce the mortality rate by more than 90 percent.
The study involved 471,682 people aged more than 60 years.

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