Mehul Choksi, the master fugitive, took 2 Yr in planning escape

Mehul Choksi still an Indian citizen: Indian authorities

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New Delhi (NewsOnRadar Bureau) June 17:Mehul Choksi had his escape planned well in advance fearing an investigation by authorities against him. The fugitive diamantaire, who fled India to seek refuge in the Caribbean island nation of Antigua & Barbuda islands in 2018, had held meetings with ‘dummy directors’ of his supplier companies based in Hong Kong as far back as 2017, alerting them of potential investigation against them, cite Indian sources.

Denying any association with the alleged abduction of Mehul Choksi, Bhandal, an Indian-origin person, said he would "co-operate and help the police" in the investigation, but the Antigua police has not approached him so far.

He told the directors of the companies that they might have to face enquiries by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Before Choksi bid adieu to India, the directors had been ‘relocated’ to Bangkok to dodge authorities, according to the CBI supplementary chargesheet against 12 individuals. CBI named Choksi, Vipul Chitalia, the then vice president – banking operations, Gitanjali Group, and former senior officials of PNB, the report added.

Presently facing court trial in Dominica for gaining illegal entry, had met the dummy directors in Hong Kong in 2017 in Singapore and alerted them of problems in India and how it could lead to an ED investigation against them as well. “This shows that Choksi had prior knowledge about the impending criminal proceedings,” the CBI chargesheet said, according to the business daily. He also told the directors to apply for Thailand visas as operations in Singapore would be closed. Mehul Choksi still an Indian citizen: Indian authorities, CBI files supplementary chargesheet against Mehul Choksi, says fugitive cheated PNB of Rs 6,500 crore

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