NATO may ban deployment of land-based nukes in Europe

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Washington, Jun 13 (Sputnik) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could formally oppose deploying ground-based nuclear missiles in Europe, ahead of the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Defense News reports.
A US Senate aide and a European official told the online publication that such a stance is reflected in a draft communique for release after the Monday NATO summit.
According to Defense News, the possible move from NATO could be meant to ease tensions with Russia and lay the groundwork for an arms control dialogue at the Geneva summit on June 16.
The upcoming NATO summit will take place in Brussels on June 14. The participants are expected to discuss Russia, China and climate change, among other issues.
Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a joint statement after their meeting on Thursday, in which they reiterated their commitment to effective arms control with an aim to have a world without nuclear weapons.
White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said earlier that Putin and Biden are expected to discuss a wide range of bilateral issues related to strategic stability and arms control on June 16.

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