Macron calls for withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya

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Paris, Jun 2 (Sputnik) French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in favor of the withdrawal of foreign forces, including Russian and Turkish, from the territory of Libya.
“As Libyans themselves demand, we must stop any foreign intervention, and this goes through the withdrawal of all forces of foreign mercenaries from the territory of Libya – Russian, Turkish, their Syrian mercenaries, and others,” Macron said after a meeting with Libya’s interim Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh.
“We are working on this with you and with all our partners. And this pullout [of foreign troops] should go along with the creation of a unified army,” he said.
He also announced France’s readiness to support Libya politically.
“It is necessary to guarantee the success of the national elections scheduled for the end of the year,” Macron said.

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