Remdisivir production: Gadkari visits Wardha

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Wardha, May 6 (UNI) Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday visited Genetic life Sciences in Wardha where the production of Remdisivir injection has begun by partnering with multinational brand Hetero.
Hetero’s Remdisivir that goes by the name ‘Covifor’, is a patent of Hetero, causing a delay in the production of the life-saving drug in the country.
Later, speaking to media here, Mr Gadkari said the “Hetero has the patent of Remdisivir and thus it was very difficult to start production in India.
“It is a matter of great relief that we have started the first Plant in the country that manufactures Remdisivir in Wardha”, Gadkari said.
Mr Gadkari also thanked everyone who is associated with this project and who took efforts to initiate the production of the life-saving drug in the region. Thirty thousand vials will be manufactured daily.
The production of Remdisivir in the region is a huge relief for the people in Vidarbha as the Remdisivir manufactured in the region will be used for the people of Vidarbha and excess drugs will be supplied to other parts of Maharashtra and the country, the minister said.
Remdisivir is constantly on headlines from the past few months as there is a mass shortage of the drug in the country. It is considered one of the most effective medicine for treating moderate to severe patients of Covid-19.

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