Mann ki Baat: Will defeat second wave of Covid-19 too

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New Delhi, Apr 25 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the second wave of Covid-19 has shaken the brevity and confidence of the country but by following the doctors’ and experts’ advice, we will be able to defeat it with a collective efforts of the government and people along with patience and discipline.
Addressing the nation on the 76th edition of his monthly radio program ‘Man Ki Baat’, he focused on only on the Pandemic and said that the defeating this pandemic was the prime objective as of now.
“I am expressing Mann Ki Baat at a time when Corona is testing our patience; it is testing the limits of all of us at enduring misery. Many of our near and dear ones have left us untimely. After successfully confronting the first wave of Corona, the country was full of enthusiasm, full of self-confidence, but this storm has shaken the country”, Mr Modi said.
Advising the people to get correct information on this pandemic, the Prime Minister further said that if anyone need any information on any any apprehension, that should be taken from a correct sources.
“ You can consult your family doctor or doctors in the neighborhood on the phone. I am noticing that many of our doctors are taking upon themselves this responsibility, on their own. Many doctors are providing information to people through social media. They are counseling on phone and WhatsApp. Many hospitals have websites where information is available…there you can seek advice of doctors too. This is commendable”, he said.
Talking about the importance of vaccine and appealing people not to get swayed by any rumour about the vaccine, Mr Modi said that people above 45 years of age can benefit from the free vaccine that has been sent to all state governments and centre.
“Now from May 1 onwards ,the vaccine is going to be made available for every person above 18 years in the country. Now the Corporate Sector, companies too will be able to participate in the program of administering vaccine to their employees ”PM Modi said adding that free vaccination program of the Central Government will be continued.
He also appealed to the states to extend the benefit of this free vaccine campaign of government of India to maximum number of the people of their respective states.
Appreciating the unrelenting efforts of all medical personnel who have been serving the patients day and night, he said “Along with Doctors and Nursing Staff, at the moment frontline Workers like Lab-Technicians and Ambulance Drivers are also working in a godlike manner ! When an Ambulance reaches a patient, the family feels as if an angel has visited them in form of an Ambulance Driver! The country must know about all the services rendered by them.
Urging people to get vaccinated and follow the Covid guidelines, Mr Modi concluded his speech by saying “ I once again urge all of you to get vaccinated and we also have to take full care. ‘Dawai bhi, Kadai bhi’ – Get vaccinated and maintain all precautions. Never forget this mantra.”

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