Chinese coast guard vessels enter Japan’s territories

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Tokyo, Feb 16 (UNI) Chinese coast guard vessels on Tuesday entered Japan’s territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands, the Japan Coast Guard said.
China claims the Senkaku islands as it’s territory and calls them Diaoyu Islands.
As per the Japanese coast Guard; two Chinese coast guard ships intruded into the waters near the group of uninhabited islets in the East China Sea around 4:15 a.m. local time.
A similar incursion had been committed by the Chinese coast Guard on Monday, to which the Japanese government had protested against.
According to the Japanese coast Guard, today’s incursion involved Chinese vessels pointing their bows towards a Japanese fishing boat and making a move to approach it.
The 9.97-ton fishing boat, with four people on board, was being guarded by Japanese coast guard patrol boats.
These frequent incursions come after a new law was implemented in China that allows the Chinese coast guard to use weapons against foreign ships that Beijing sees as illegally entering its waters.
As per a report by Kyodo news agency this is the seventh time in 2021 that Chinese vessels have entered Japanese waters.

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