England will look to attack Indians on the last day

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Chennai, Feb 8  England will look to have attacking fielders close to the bat, bank on reverse swing as well as target a spot just six-seven metres from the batsman at pavilion-end to unsettle Indian batsman, said England pace bowling coach Jon Lewis.

Chasing 420, India need 381 more runs and have nine wickets in hand on the last day of the first Test.

“On the wicket, just seven metres down the length from the pavilion end, there is some variable bounce. Puffs of dust with the wicket breaking. There will be some reverse swing,” Lewis told the media.

“Pace of the wicket is such that the ball doesn’t carry that much to the wicket-keeper, so you have to beat the batsman on the inside of his bat rather than the outside. So, our fast bowlers will have a role to play. All the bowlers need to do the basics tomorrow and I think we will then come out on top,” he added.

The 45-year-old former England pace bowler said that due to the high run-rate required, they will look to create pressure by having close-in fielders.

“Having the ability to have attacking fielders around the bat for the whole day. With the rate being as high as it is for them, it is the right opportunity to have attacking fielders around them the whole day. I think we are in a really, really strong position to do that. Therefore, we can create chances to those close fielders then it is nine balls to do that (get through them),” he added.


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