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Prior to a crucial vote, thousands of protesters are demonstrating against Israel’s Netanyahu in hospitals.

Netanyahu was hospitalised as thousands demonstrated against a plan to restructure the Israeli judiciary in advance of a key vote. An already dramatic set of events that have caused his country to be fiercely divided and are destined to define Israel’s destiny were further complicated when Netanyahu was suddenly hospitalised. This added another dizzying twist to an already dramatic series of events.

JERUSALEM: Thousands of supporters and opponents of his government’s proposed judicial reform plan conducted competing demonstrations ahead of a crucial vote on Sunday as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was recuperating in a hospital following an emergency heart treatment.

The abrupt hospitalisation of Netanyahu for the placement of a pacemaker added another surreal twist to a dramatic series of incidents that have severly split his nation and will undoubtedly affect Israel’s future. The first significant piece of legislation in the disputed proposal is anticipated to pass in the parliament’s vote on Monday.

Netanyahu’s medical team said that everything went properly on Sunday. But by Sunday night, Netanyahu was still a patient in a Tel Aviv area hospital called Sheba.

Netanyahu, 73, said he felt good and thanked both the public and his physicians for their care in a brief video statement from the hospital.

Netanyahu, who was dressed in a white dress shirt and a dark blazer, declared that he was working to reach an agreement with his opponents while simultaneously getting ready for a vote on Monday that would officially pass a significant portion of the legislation.

I want you to know that I’ll be joining my colleagues at the Knesset tomorrow morning,” he stated.

The revamp calls for significant adjustments to limit the judiciary’s authority, including as restricting the Supreme Court’s capacity to review parliamentary decisions and altering the selection process for judges.


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