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Three Delhi policemen suspended for Arunachal Pradesh corruption.

For committing corruption in Arunachal Pradesh, three Delhi police officers were suspended. The cousin of a minister was allegedly defrauded of Rs 12 lakh by a Delhi Police squad that had travelled to Arunachal Pradesh in search of stolen automobiles and those responsible for this scheme.

NEW DELHI: Sanjay Kumar Sain, the deputy commissioner of police for the Central district, has suspended three police officers for allegedly stealing Rs 12 lakh from a minister’s relative in Arunachal Pradesh.

Official sources state that the action was done as a result of a report made by the Arunachal Pradesh police to Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora. An inspector, a sub-inspector, and an assistant sub-inspector were among the suspended officers.

The alleged police officers would receive a subsistence allowance during their suspension time equal to the money they would have made on half-pay leave, along with dearness allowance and other customary perks, according to the suspension order that this publication was able to see.

“Headquarter will be District Line/Central District and they will not leave the Headquarter without the prior permission of the competent authority,” the order stated.

Notably, the Central District Police’s Anti-Auto Theft Squad recently uncovered an interstate ring of car thieves and detained three people in connection with this case: Safruddin, Sikandar, and Dare Kagung.
During questioning, Safruddin revealed that they had previously sold luxury SUVs in the North Eastern States of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Manipur after robbing Delhi.

According to Sain, the vehicles were transported by road to these states, where they were registered at Regional Transport Offices after the engine and chassis numbers were changed.

Arunachal Pradesh was the destination of a committed squad that included the accused in their search for stolen automobiles and those responsible for the scheme.

“A startling discovery was made during local investigations in Arunachal: persons in North Eastern states were using stolen SUVs, particularly Fortuner, Kia Seltos, Innova Crysta, Hyundai Creta, and Mahindra Thar. To register these stolen automobiles with District Transport Offices, the participants in the scheme used the registration, engine, and chassis numbers of cars that were demolished as complete loss vehicles, Sain had claimed.

According to official sources, the Arunachal Police’s decision to lodge a complaint with their Delhi counterparts was inspired by the Delhi Police’s visit to the northeastern state where it is believed that three suspended officers stole money from a local.

The Delhi Police’s Vigilance division will now handle the probe.

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