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Major technological upgrades at Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University

Lucknow: In a significant stride towards enhancing Uttar Pradesh’s educational landscape, the Yogi Adityanath government has intensified efforts to modernise the state’s educational infrastructure with advanced technology.

As part of this initiative, a major technological upgrade has been initiated at Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, where live attendance of the students will be taken through their facial biometrics.

Additionally, plans include implementing LIVE CCTV coverage to ensure complete transparency during semester examinations.

This initiative stems from the chief minister’s vision, with detailed planning carried out by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and execution entrusted to Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation Limited (UPDESCO).

Companies already empanelled with UPDESCO will be allowed to become service and software development providers.

These providers will be tasked with installing CCTV systems, setting up a CCTV monitoring command centre, and compiling biometrics of students and staff to create a master database. They must complete these tasks and make the database accessible through software within 60 days of work allotment.

The chief minister has consistently prioritized enhancing education quality by adopting modern technology. Efforts are underway across various levels to ensure smooth and transparent examination processes statewide.

The ongoing technological advancements at the University reflect these priorities. By compiling biometric data of students and staff into a centralised database accessible via software, the university aims to monitor attendance rigorously.

This database will also include essential details like Aadhar card numbers, facial, iris, and hand impressions, enabling immediate identification of individuals in emergencies.

The university’s master database will prove crucial in many ways. Besides, the university classes will also be monitored LIVE through CCTV.

To complete this process, a special CCTV command centre will also be established. The system under construction will be updated according to the university’s needs, and the university staff will also be made proficient in its operation, monitoring, and supervision.

To finalise these tasks, the service and software development provider will receive the source code and user manual for the application currently in development.

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