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Time has come to re-engineer the logistical map of India, says Jaishankar

The external affairs minister said that India aspires to go up to the Baltic and even Atlantic, through various corridors.

Screenshot 2024 05 18 090318NEW DELHI: A time has come to start re-engineering the logistical map of the world, says External Affairs Minister, Dr S Jaishankar.

“The world is today paradoxically rebuilding itself even as it is being disrupted. As new production and consumption centres emerged in the last few decades, there is an accompanying compulsion to create commensurate logistical corridors. From an Indian perspective, the time has now come to start re-engineering the logistical map of the world. Some steps have already been taken, such as the International North-South Transport Corridor that also involves the Chabahar port,” said Dr Jaishankar on Friday, while speaking at an event organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

“A more ambitious project is on the anvil in the form of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), which was agreed to during the G20 Summit last September,” the minister said.

He said that India aspires to go up to the Baltic and even Atlantic, through various corridors.

“To the East, the resumption of work on the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway will provide us access all the way to the Pacific. We are even examining the viability of polar routes, initially with the Chennai-Vladivostok corridor. Think of the game changing implications that they all contain and the importance of diplomatically carrying others in our quest for economic betterment,” Dr Jaishankar explained.

He pointed out that the world is experiencing a 3F crisis of fuel, food and fertilizers. In Asia, new tensions have emerged in land and sea as agreements are dishonoured and rule of law disregarded. Terrorism and extremism have started to consume those who have long practised it. In many ways, we are actually going through the perfect storm, he said.

“For long, we have looked at Russia from a political or security perspective. As that country turns eastwards, fresh economic opportunities are presenting themselves. The spike in our trade and the new areas of cooperation should not be regarded as a temporary phenomenon. Many other recent partnerships also offer such possibilities, such as those with Australia and with Latin America, in addition to established ones like Indonesia, Africa and West Asia,” Dr Jaishankar added.

He said that the use of credit lines and grants to familiarize the world with Indian products and capabilities will also deepen. The minister expressed hope in the larger branding endeavour of the attractions of today’s India that will make a case to the world regarding the benefits of partnership.

“Our Embassies will also continue extending their fullest support to our economic and employment interests abroad. On my part, I can certainly assure that the business delegations will continue to accompany me on travels abroad and that we, in MEA, will facilitate B2B2G events,” he said.

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