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Kangana Ranaut running away from open debate: Vikramaditya Singh

2024 5largeimg 1170335915Shimla: Claiming that Kangana Ranaut was running away from having a debate on various issues with him, PWD Minister Vikramaditya Singh has again invited her for an open debate on their vision and plans for the development of the Mandi parliamentary constituency.

“She hasn’t responded to my invitation for a debate yet. Apparently, she is running away from the challenge,” Vikramaditya Singh told The Tribune. The contest in the Mandi parliamentary constituency between Vikramaditya Singh, the scion of the erstwhile Bushahr principality, and Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has hogged much of the limelight in the state. The war of words between the two, at times unsavoury, has spiced up the battle further.

Kangana, the BJP candidate, is mainly seeking votes in the name Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his work and schemes. Singh, the Congress candidate, is challenging her to spell out her own vision for the constituency. “A candidate should have a vision of his own for the constituency from where he is contesting. Unfortunately, Kangana is merely seeking votes in the name of the Prime Minister,” he said.

Singh further alleged that instead of spelling out her vision, the BJP candidate was busy running a smear campaign. “The focus of my speeches and interactions with the crowd is on developmental issues, not on the petty political points. The people from whom we are seeking votes deserve to know what is our vision and plans for the constituency. A debate between the contestants will help people make up their mind better,” he said.

Meanwhile, old-time politicians are dismayed with the political discourse reducing to personal and derogatory remarks, especially in the Mandi constituency. “We are hearing many derogatory and below the belt comments in this election. It will set a very wrong precedent in the state. Our state is known for civility, and the candidates should ensure this reputation isn’t ruined,” said a veteran politician.

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