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India won’t tolerate insult on basis of skin colour: Modi

PM Modi 4WARANGAL: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked the Congress over its party leader Sam Pitroda’s alleged comments over skin colour and asserted that the countrymen would not tolerate insult on the basis of skin colour.

Hitting out at top Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Modi said he has now understood that the national party sought to defeat President Droupadi Murmu in the presidential poll as her “skin colour is dark”.

As Pitroda’s reported comments kicked up a row, Modi asked, “will the ability of people be decided in my country on the basis of skin colour.”

“Who gave the permission to ‘shehzada’ for this game of skin colour,” he asked. Pitroda’s alleged comments that people in the East in India resembled the Chinese, while those from the South looked like Africans, had kicked up a row.

“I am angry today. If anyone abuses me, I don’t get angry. I can tolerate that. But, the philosopher of ‘shehzada’ gave such a big abuse which has filled me with anger,” Modi said.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi showing Constitution in his election rallies, he asked whether those who dance by keeping Constitution on their head were insulting the countrymen on the basis of skin colour.

India would not tolerate insult to the countrymen on the basis of skin colour, he said, adding ‘shehzade’ (Rahul Gandhi) must answer.

Modi also said he has now come to know as to why Congress had sought to defeat Murmu in the presidential elections despite her having a great reputation.

“I came to know today that an uncle of ‘shehzada’ lives in America. The uncle is his philosopher and guide,” he said in an apparent reference to Sam Pitroda.

“Shehzada’s philosopher and guide uncle has opened a big secret. He said those whose skin colour is dark, they are all from Africa,” he said.

That means, he (Pitroda) has abused so many people of the country on the basis of skin colour, he alleged.

Whatever is the colour of skin, the countrymen worship Lord Sri Krishna whose skin colour was like all of us, Modi said.

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