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Today’s Motto: “No” simply means begin again at one level higher’

As Every Day makes a new beginning in life, it brings new opportunities, opens new avenues, to perform and make a mark, to write a Page in History Book.

This is Your Day-TODAY: Take a Determined Step Forward and Make History! 
On this day,  Apr. 18…….

1910 – 1st night air flight (Claude Grahame-White, England).
1914 – W. H. Carrier patents air conditioner (pic credit-Wikipedia).WH Carrier
1919 – The first jump with the Army manually operated parachute was made by Leslie LeRoy Irvin in Ohio, US. This was the first test of this type, known as the “free parachute,” with which the operator jumps before pulling the ripcord. He jumped at an altitude of 1,500-ft while flying at 100-mph. He broke his ankle upon landing on the ground. (Later, he founded the Irving Air Chute, Co., which business name resulted from an spelling error on the incorporation papers).

1930 – The first U.S. motion picture of the 1.5 minute totality of an eclipse of the sun was taken from an airplane flying about 18,000 feet over at Honey Lake, California.

1932 – A vaccine was announced for yellow fever for human immunisation. It was developed by Drs. Wilbur A. Sawyer, Wray D.M. Lloyd, and Stuart F. Kitchen, who were sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.Muhammad Ali

1953 – A U.S. patent was issued for an overcoat for two people (or Siamese Twins).

1967 –  Muhammad Ali, an all time great boxer,  refuses induction into US Army & stripped of boxing title (pic credit-Britannica).

1986 – Russia announced the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, two days after it happened, on 26 Apr 1986

1993 – Troops storm police complex in Srinagar and free officials from the rebelling 2000 policemen.

2008 – Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launches its first PSLV-C9 for space mission.

2018 – Indian government announces electricity has now reached every Indian village.Jessica

2019 – American diver Victor Vescovo makes the deepest dive ever to the bottom of the Mariana trench at 10,927m (35,849ft), and finds a plastic bag. The first human to have reached the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench, the Sunda Trench, the Molloy Deep, the Sirena Deep, the Horizon Deep, and the deepest point of the Southern Ocean, which lies in the southern end of the South Sandwich Trench. (pic credit-Wikipedia).

Samantha ruth prabhu


1643 – Francisco de Lucena, Portuguese politician.

1981 – Jessica Alba, US actress, producer and cinematographer.

1987 – Samantha, Ruth Prabhu,  Indian actress, works predominantly in Telugu and Tamil film industries. She  grew up in Pallavaram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Born to Telugu and Malayali parents, she comes from a modest background and started modeling as a part-time job.

RIP: – Class ThunbertgMussolini

1945 -Benito  Mussolini. Italian dictator, joined Hitler of Austria/Germanyin WWII, between 1934-44.

1973 – Clas Thunberg, popular Finland Skating personality, won 5 Olympics Gold medals (3 in 1924 Games).

You may have known….
It is estimated that climbers leave a combined 26,500 pounds of human waste on Mount Everest every year.Raj Kadyan

                                                                                                                                         (Compiled by Lt. Gen. (R)  Raj Kadyan}

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