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IVY Hospital Mohali launches Helpline No. on World Obesity Day, in Chandigarh

Chandigarh/ Mohali: One of the Mohali’s top hospitals IVY Hospital laounched an Obesity Helpline  : 80788 80788 to help patients suffering from obsity on World Obesity Day, today, the March 02, in Chandigarh.

The panel of doctors addressing the media listed the reasons for Obesity and preventions from getting Bulky Body in early life.  BMI ratio beyond 25 would be cause of obesity in human body, highlighted the panel.

Eating habits and food menu in your daily intake play important role in gathering weight. Coarse, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables  were recommended and fried foods, processed sugar, wines, carbohydrates were among the don’ts.

Regular exercise for atleast half an hour daily or brisk walking  burn stored fats and surplus calories in the body, advised  the doctors.                                                                                                                   (Roshan Lal Sharma from Chandigarh)

*Emergency Number of the hospital is  9988823456. and Obesity Helpline 80788 80788

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