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Dalit, OBC, and tribal families are the biggest beneficiaries of every welfare scheme, says PM Modi

The PM said that the biggest achievement of his government in the last ten years is to bring 25 crore people out of poverty.

Screenshot 2024 02 11 071227AHMEDABAD: In the middle of the controversy over Rahul Gandhi’s claim that Prime Minister Modi is not an OBC, the PM has made some statements regarding the communities.

While virtually addressing the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit Gujarat’ program in Gujarat on Saturday, the PM said, “The benefit of the schemes is reaching everyone without any discrimination. Modi has stood as guarantee for those who had no guarantee”.

“Mudra Yojna, where entrepreneurs from all communities are provided with collateral-free loans. Similarly, Vishwakarma and street sellers are provided with financial resources and training. Dalit, OBC, and tribal families are the biggest beneficiaries of assistance schemes. If anyone has benefited the most from Modi’s guarantee, it is these families,” Modi said.

He also reiterated that the construction of homes for the poor is taking place at a rapid pace when compared to the pre-2014 era.

Pointing out the meager funding for construction of such houses during the earlier times, Modi said “Today houses for the poor are getting made. Earlier, the money set aside to build such homes was very little, and even from the little money, middlemen would take cuts and loot it. Now they (beneficiaries) get it directly in their bank accounts…”

“More than Rs 2.25 lakh is used for building homes for the poor and it is being transferred directly into their bank accounts, eliminating the role of middlemen,” PM added.

He also pointed out that now there is the freedom to build homes based on the needs of each family, as well as the provision of toilets, tap water connections, power, and gas.

He emphasized that the homes are now registered in the name of women.

“Modi has given the guarantee of creating Lakhpati Didis, the country currently has one crore Lakhpati Didis, that includes a huge number of Gujarati women,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that the government aims to create 3 crore Lakhpati Didis over the next five years, claiming that it will significantly empower the disadvantaged households.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also virtually inaugurated and performed bhoomi pujan of 1,31,454 housing units in Gujarat on Saturday. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel was present at the state-level function at Deesa in north Gujarat.

Beneficiaries from all 182 assembly constituencies of the state was also present at the event.

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