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Google CEO warns employees of anticipated job cuts throughout the year

The company has initiated layoffs affecting over a thousand employees since January 10th, with a focus on streamlining operations and increasing speed.

Google Cloud partners with CERT In to train govt officials in cybersecurity skillsGoogle might have fired over a thousand employees in the week since January 10, but CEO Sundar Pichai has told his employees to brace for more layoffs through 2024.

The Verge reported this on Wednesday, citing an internal memo. The reason Pichai mentioned in the memo were ambitious goals and a need to invest in big priorities, both of which would entail “tough choices”.

It was not entirely gloom and doom though as the Google CEO made it clear that the layoffs would be nowhere near the scale of last year when 12000 employees were sent home.

According to the report, Pichai mentioned in the memo that this year’s layoffs were concentrated on streamlining execution and enhancing speed by eliminating layers in certain areas.

Google’s decision further indicates that job reductions may persist throughout the year, as companies explore the adoption of artificial intelligence and automation to build leaner and meaner organisations.

In the previous week, Google announced layoffs in multiple departments, including its Voice Assistant units, hardware teams overseeing Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit, the advertising sales team, and the augmented reality team.

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