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Prez Muizzu should’ve reached out to PM Modi to sort out diplomatic crisis: Maldives ex-VP Adeeb

Describing the comments against PM Modi as “uncalled for”, Adeeb said that the ruling party has these “extreme elements” who are calling for India out.

MaldivesMALE: The Maldivian government should have apologised and President Mohamed Muizzu should have reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sorted out the diplomatic crisis, former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb said on Monday as he described the derogatory comments against the Indian leader as “unacceptable.”

A row erupted on social media last week when a minister and some other leaders in the Maldives used derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Modi after he posted a video of him on a pristine beach in Lakshadweep.

On Sunday, the Maldivian government suspended three ministers who posted “derogatory remarks” against Modi and distanced itself from their comments on social media, saying these opinions are “personal and do not represent the views of the Government”.

The development came after opposition leaders slammed the “appalling language” used by the officials against the Indian leader.

“I believe that this is something which should have never happened, which is not acceptable in any way. I believe that the Maldives government should have reacted more quickly with stern actions and reached out to India so that they should have never let this blow out for a big diplomatic crisis which has now been…,” Adeeb told PTI in an interview.

Describing the comments as “uncalled for”, he said that the ruling party has these “extreme elements” who are calling for India out.

“But when you are in the government, you should be more responsible because you are responsible for the livelihood of Maldives people and you should be diplomatic in matters like this,” said Adeeb, a former tourism minister.

When asked to comment on the suspension of three ministers, Adeeb said, “They should have resigned… There should have been more strong action as well as it should have been done Sunday morning itself, but it was delayed until last night…”

Adeeb said that the government “should have put up an apology statement as well as President Muizzu should have reached out to Prime Minister Modi. Because these are not acceptable comments, this is racist and this is bigotry.”

He said the derogatory remarks have hurt the sentiments of Indians “because Prime Minister Modi is not only the prime minister of India, but he’s the global leader, the regional leader, and he has helped us. Even in COVID-19 times, Maldives survived. The economy survived because of the Indian support and help. So I think the president should have reached out to the prime minister himself and sorted out this diplomatic crisis.”

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