Today’s Motto: ‘Strong desire leads to superhuman power to achieve’

As every day makes a new beginning in life, it brings new opportunities, opens new avenues, to perform and make a mark, to write a Page in history Book!

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This is Your Day-TODAY: Take a Determined Step Forward and Make History!

On this day, Nov.20…….

1866 – The first U.S. patent for a yo-yo was issued to James L. Haven and Charles Hittrick of Ohio. Although termed a “Whirligig” or a “Bandalore” in the patent title, it had the familiar construction of a yo-yo.

1866 – The first U.S. patent on a rotary crank bicycle was issued to Pierre Lallemont of Paris, France. With pedals applied directly to the front wheel, this so called velocipede (“fast foot”) was a major advance on the old hobby horse bicycle that had to be pushed with the feet.

1873 – Rival cities of Buda and Pest unite to form the capital Budapest of Hungary.

1906 – Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce formed Rolls-Royce (pic credit-Pinterest).

1906 – A U.S. patent was issued for the crystal detector, which was one of the first devices widely used for receiving radio broadcasts (until superseded by the triode vacuum tube).

1917 – 1st tank battle (Britain breaks through German lines).

1923 – African-American Garrett Morgan patented an automatic traffic signal.

1955 – Polly Umrigar scores India’s 1st Test Cricket double century, 223 vs. New Zealand.

1969 – The Union Home Ministry decides to reserve posts for SC\STs in the public sector undertakings.

1979 – Artificial blood was first used in a patient by transfusion at the University of Minnesota Hospital. The patient was a Jehovah’s Witness, who had refused a transfusion of real blood

because of his religious beliefs.

1985 – A successful heart transplant to a 4-day-old infant, Eddie Anguiano known then as Baby Moses, was performed by Dr. Leonard Lee Bailey of the Loma Linda University Medical Centre. Eddie had been born with the fatal heart defect hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and had only days to live.

1995 – Princess Di admits she cheated on Prince Charles in a TV interview.

2012 – Toshiba unveils a robot designed to help in nuclear disasters(pic credit-ToshibaClip)

2014 – North Korea threatens nuclear tests, and activity has been detected at one of the nation’s nuclear facilities; the threat was made after the U.N. recommended trying North Korean officials in the International Criminal Court for human rights crimes.

2015 – More than half of all trees in Amazon forest are at risk of extinction according to data published in journal “Sciences Advances”.

2018 – Actor Amitabh Bachchan confirms he has paid off the debts of 1,398 farmers worth $560,000, amid Indian agricultural crisis.

2019 – Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is “climate emergency”.

2019 – Snakes lived with hind legs for 70 million years (Najash rionegrina), according to research from La Buitrera Palaeontological Area, Argentina, published in “Science Advances”.

2022 – US President Joe Biden turns 80 years old, becoming first octogenarian to serve in country’s highest office.


1750 – Tipu Sultan, Mughal ruler who ruled over Southern states   of Mysore, with capital at  Srirangapatna between 1761-1799).

1962 – Rajkumar Hirani, Bollywood film producer who produced and directed offbeat films like 3 Idiots, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Dunki, Munna Bhai MBBS etc. (image credit-FilmiBeat)

1969 – Shilpa Shirodhkar, Bollywood actor who figured in Ek Muthi Aasman, Badmash, Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan etc. (pic credit-Pinterest).

You may have known....

On Mercury, one day is two years long.

{Compiled by Lt. Gen. (R) Raj Kadyan}

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