Veteran artist Dinesh Kumar’s Epiphany pulls art lovers to Lalit Kala Akademy from far and wide!

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New Delhi: Art has its own divine aura and pulling power. Though an artist is moved by his urge to express the puzzles disturbin

g his mind and release them on the canvass, the art lovers are more crazy to know what’s there in others’ minds. editor is one of those art lovers and an art enthusiast since school days, was pulled to Lalit Kala Akademy, Delhi from the green lands of Punjab.

Though mind reader artist advises you to use left brain skills to unfold the tremors and tumulations behind his art sketches and colours, you might need to use both halves of the brain and pull a few hair down your temple to fathom out the depths of EPIPHANY on exhibits.

The quintessential journey of Dinesh Kumar in creative arts began in 90s.

Sr. artist  Jiten Hazarika and Dr. Gronow Tito, the Minister, Deputy Head

of Embassy of Belgium inaugurated Dinesh’s 33 years paint-brush journey “Epiphany-at Lalit Kala Akademy, in Delhi on Thursday. The solo show ns open for art lovers up to next Thursday, October 26.

An accomplished poet, author and a management thinker, his creations are in private collections and in galleries in India, Germany, London and U S. His paintings are personalised; to clean the aura of corporate CXO foyers and homes, he declares.

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