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Jugaad Politics for Power: makes 2024 Lok Sabha elections an interesting contest

‘Desperate to gain power...get the chair’: Former HP CM Jai Ram Thakur on Opposition conclave

Bengaluru/New Delhi: As the clock for 2024 Parliamentary polls is yet to start ticking, major political parties of India have blown their biguls for charge towards PMOIndia @Raisina Hills. Two major National Coalitions  blew their biguls to bring their allies to parade ground and used all means to browbeat each other exhibiting their numbers and stalwarts ready to march towards the Kurukshetra battle ground.

Before the two day Bengaluru conclave of Opposition leaders concluded, it rechristened the outfit as INDIA from PDA, within a month of formation at Patna on June 12. There was no doubt an impressive display of political stalwarts across the meeting table, including the host Congress Party represented by former heads Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, NCP’s Sharad Pawar, the prime mover of ‘Modi Hatao Movement’ JDU’s Nitish Kumar, Delhi’s firebrand Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, RJD’s founder Lalu Yadav, Tamil Nadu CM and DMK chief MK Stalin, Bengal CM and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee and many more with tons of experience and administrative history. The 26 Party formulation forms a very strong and unbeatable battery of commanders ready to grab the elusive throne at South Block, next to the Rashtrapati Bhavan of India.  The newly christened outfit INDIA (Indian National Democratic Inclusive Association) avoided announcing any Commander-in-Chief leading the charge to Delhi, nor any ideological guidelines except venting their abhorrence to ruling party BJP, NDA and targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outlining their solemn pledge to dethrone the incumbent PM.

Ruling NDA’s eagerness to match up Opposition conclave in Bengaluru without any delay was on display in Delhi, when it organized a 38 Party-conclave Tuesday afternoon, before the opponents could ink any agenda points or any policy paper for 2024.                                                                                                                                          (photo credit-NDTV)

There’s no doubt India (*our Great Nation), has grown in stature, strength and gone up on economic ladder by many notches with unparalleled confidence, there are bound to be many lobbies at work, inside the country to grab Power, and from outside to pull India downwards, lest they are overtaken by the world’s largest democracy.

The Seat of Power, PMO in South Block, is at present the most talked about location because of the respect and determination to deliver and get India its due position in the world stage, by the incumbent PM Modi.  Without many degrees or certificates of qualification or administrative credentials, he has led the country through crises like Covid-19, geopolitical storms in the Indian Ocean, Chinese incursions and domestics  pulls and pressures.  His 10 year term has brought in a huge change in Defence infrastructure by value deals, domestic production,  by some surprise financial shake-ups like Demonetization, as also solving the Country’s long pending issues like J&K’s status thru’ repeal of Article 370, Surgical Strike; Railways modernization, adding huge Highway infrastructure and several other confidence building measures and monuments like Central Vista on Kartavya Path. The citizen’s tax burden has been lowered by extending relief from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs.7.27 lacs per annum, without disturbing Fiscal parameters and requirements.

Congress led Opposition‘s move to name their outfit as INDIA, may attract many eyeballs  but it will be herculean task to rise up to that Great name India, with huge  paraphernalia of  Bharat or Hindustan, thousands of years of struggle, strife, Culture and History. Adding a few initials to make abbreviated term INDIA is at best a childish jerk. It is reported that some allies in the junta are opposed to adopting this term as a Political Coalition.              (Feature photo credit-Twitter #Kharge)

A BJP leader has commented, “Although the opposition is trying to unite because the Congress party has been out of power for almost 10 years, and they feel that being out of power is a long time and it may not be another decade. So they are desperate to gain power and get the chair. I have full confidence that even if they unite, the BJP will form the government and Narendra Modi will become prime minister again. ”

Without risking to be a biased commentator, the writer, would prefer to wait and watch a bit longer to make an opinion, whether INDIA will capture India in 2024 or incumbent Coalition NDA led by BJP’s strong, committed  leadership with history of fulfilment of Manifestos will extend their wait by another 5 years !



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