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Peace activist Father George Solomon is appointed Convener to Diocese Board

Veteran journalist and columnist to several national dailies Vivek Shukla* outlines the role of Father Solomon in Delhi's social and philanthropic activities over the last 30 plus years

New Delhi-Noted social worker, Father George Solomon is appointed Convenor by the Delhi Diocese Board (DDB) of their social activities. In his new role as Convenor, Father George Solomon to look after the affairs of several Educational Institutions, Age old homes, Vocational Centres and hospitals in national capital and NCR. Father George Solomon is a key member of Delhi Brotherhood Society that was responsible for the setting up of St. Stephen’s College and St. Stephen’s Hospital in Delhi apart from many Vocational centres and Age old homes.

Originally hailing from Tamil Nadu, Father George Solomon has been living in national capital since 1989. Says Father Solomon, ”It is a matter of great honour for me that I have been given a very important responsibility of looking after the affairs of many, many institutions that are serving the society.” It may be recalled that The Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ society, which is also known as Delhi Brotherhood Society (DBS) was started in Delhi 1877.

Father George Solomon is also a peace activist and permanent face of all religion prayer for the last around two decades on Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October and on Martyrs’ Day on 30 January at the Rajghat and later Tees January Marg respectively. He recites verses from Bible during the all religion prayer. “ Very honestly, it gives great joy and happiness when you take part in all faith prayers. It gives a strong message that we all have to live together to make India as a truly a secular country. Gandhi ji’s came to know about Christian religion while he was in South Africa. There he met Christian missionary Joseph Doke, who wrote his first biography, and C.F. Andrews, a teacher in Delhi’s St. Stephen’s college,” informs Father George Solomon, who is a priest in one of the Churches of Delhi.

Finally, he informs that St. Stephen’s College is moving towards Haryana after making a huge contribution in the field of education and nation building since 1881 in Delhi. Well, the Delhi Brotherhood Society is opening a school in Sonepat in Haryana from the next academic session i.e. 2023-24 and currently all the members of DBS are concentrating on this ambitious project. The School would be known as St. Stephan’s School. The construction work for the St. Stephan’s School is going on at a very rapid pace.

*Sr. Journalist and Author, Mr.  Vivek Shukla. has a knack for unearthing hidden history of Delhi and metamorphosis of the city from ancient Mahabharata era into New Delhi, the seat of power of world’s largest democracy.

Mr. Shukla is the author of best selling titles Gandhi’s Delhi and The Story of Emergency, 1975.

His daily columns are keenly awaited by lacs of his readers thru’ a national daily and social media.

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